match striker + matches

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This simple and beautiful handmade match striker is designed to work with "strike-anywhere matches" (most have a green and white tip). The holder is handcrafted from white/off-white stoneware. The inside, lip, and 1/3 of the outside are glazed with formulated glazes created by an amazing artisan from North Carolina.

how to use.

Simply strike anywhere on the unglazed portion to light.

To use safety matches, adhere the match striker sticker included on the glazed portion of the container.

• strike anywhere matches are approx. 2.25"

 • striker measures 1.75 "tall x 1.25" x 1.25"

• 40 strike anywhere matches included

 • Striker paper included (to use with safety matches)


 safety first.

 Keep matches away from children. Never leave a flame unattended. Throw away the match after the flame is extinguished and cool to the touch.

to clean.

Match strikes will add character to your handmade piece. But if you prefer, you can clean your striker with a cotton ball and alcohol.